Places to find Legal Assistance

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The topics in the Dial-A-Law series provide general information on a wide variety of legal issues in the Province of Alberta. This service is provided by Calgary Legal Guidance funded in part by the Alberta Law Foundation.

Calgary Legal Guidance (CLG) provides legal information and advice to low-income people who cannot afford a lawyer and don’t qualify for Legal Aid. CLG can help with a wide range of issues including: Family Law – separation/divorce, custody and access, and child support; Criminal Law – theft, mischief, fraud, and non-domestic assault; Civil Law – small claims, debt, landlord/tenant, and employment issues; Orders of Protection such as Restraining Orders; Getting identification documents if you have lost them; and Social Benefit – Alberta Works, AISH, Employment Insurance, and Canada Pension Plan. For more information visit their website at or call the office at 403-234-9266.

Dial-A-Law is a free information service that provides pre-recorded legal information from a touch tone phone 24 hours per day with operator assistance during regular business hours to help select recordings. The Dial-A-Law topics provide general information on over 170 legal topics such as: consumer, criminal, employment, family, real estate, will and estate, youth and the law. If you have a computer you can access the Dial-A-Law information through the Calgary Legal Guidance website at or you can call toll free 1-800-332-1091 or Calgary area dial 403-234-9022. For more information listen to the Dial-A-Law topic 200 What is Dial-A-Law.

Central Alberta Community Legal Clinic (CACLC) provides legal advice and information to people who cannot afford a lawyer and do not qualify for Legal Aid. Call the Red Deer number 403-314-9129 or toll free 1-877-314-9129. For more information on civil law, family law, criminal law or photo ID clinics visit their website at

Elizabeth Fry Society of Alberta provides assistance for persons in conflict with the Law. They offer many programs for women in conflict by providing opportunities through supports and advocacy. For more information visit their website at

Government RITE Line 310-0000 is a toll free line to access any government office in Alberta. You can contact the appropriate agency such as the Office of the Ombudsman, the Office of the Public Trustee, Office of the Public Guardian, Consumers Affairs and many others agencies for your particular problem. Visit their website at for more information.

Grand Prairie Legal Guidance (GPLG) offers free legal guidance to low income individuals who have a legal problem and do not qualify for Legal Aid. GPLG uses a set of income guidelines to determine whether you will be able to qualify for assistance. You may contact them at 780- 882-0036 or visit their Website at

Lethbridge Legal Guidance (LLG) is a non-profit society providing free legal advice, information and education to Albertans who are not able to afford access to justice. For more information contact them at 403-380-6338 or visit their Website at

The Alberta Human Rights Commission is an independent commission of the Government of Alberta. They endorse equality and reduce discrimination. They provide public information and education programs, and help Albertans resolve human rights complaints. For more information call the rite line 310-0000 or visit their website at

The Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC) provides free legal services to low-income individuals in the areas of Civil and Administrative Law. Some issues they may be able to help you with are Landlord -Tenant disputes, Immigration Law, Human Rights, Employment, Income Support Appeals, Debt and Small Claims. Contact them at 780-702-1725 or visit their website at

The John Howard Society in Alberta consists of the six separately incorporated local Societies: Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Red Deer. The local offices provide guidance and assistance as needed and responds to the programming needs and priorities of it own community. For detailed information on their programs visit their website at

The Lawyer Referral Service is a program operated by the Law Society of Alberta to assist the public in finding a lawyer who will provide the legal services they require. It is an information service and is not connected with Legal Aid. You can phone toll free 1-800-661-1095 or in Calgary area 403-228-1722 and an Operator will assist you. The Operator will give the names and telephone numbers of three lawyers practicing in the applicable area of law. There is no charge for the first half-hour interview, after which the person can decide whether or not to engage the lawyer at full rates, and the lawyer can decide whether to accept the engagement. For more information visit the website at

The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) offers landlords and tenants an alternative means of resolving serious disputes outside of court. The RTDRS is designed to be faster, more informal and less expensive than the courts. A tenant or a landlord who has concerns related to an eviction, unpaid rent/utilities, security deposit, damages, repairs or other common disagreements may use the service. Use the RITE line 310-0000 and then dial 780-644-3000 or the website for more information.

Student Legal Assistance of Calgary (SLA) offers legal information and representation to residents of the Calgary area who are unable to afford a lawyer. For more information on their service call them at 403-220-6637 or visit the website

Student Legal Services of Edmonton (SLS) is a student-managed, non-profit society dedicated to helping low-income individuals in Edmonton and area. Contact them at 780-492-8244 or visit the website

Money Mentors’ Credit is where counselors will teach you about your repayment and debt consolidation options. For a free review with a credit counselor call 1-888-294-0076 or visit their website

Legal Aid Alberta (LLA) provides a wide range of legal services for low-income Albertans. You must meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for services. Legal Aid assistance is available at the courthouse from Duty Counsel and Legal Services Officers. Duty Counsel is lawyers who can give immediate legal assistance to people without a lawyer, for free. If you have a Court appearance and are unrepresented, you may wish to speak to Duty Counsel. Simply go directly to the Courthouse where the matter is being heard and ask to speak to Duty Counsel. Legal Service Centres (LSC) locations can be reached by calling toll-free 1-866-845-3425 or visit their website at