What is Dial-A-Law

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The topics in the Dial-A-Law series provide general information on a wide variety of legal issues in the Province of Alberta. This service is provided by Calgary Legal Guidance funded in part by the Alberta Law Foundation.

The purpose of Dial-A-Law is to make you aware of your rights and responsibilities by providing you with general legal information. You are encouraged to use Dial-A-Law as a source of general information before you have a legal problem so that you might avoid legal difficulties, or, are able to recognize when you do have a legal problem.

Dial-A-Law has over 170 topics with information in many areas of law such as: places to find legal assistance; family law; wills and estates; dependent adults; criminal and driving offences; business law; employment; WCB; intellectual property; real estate; landlord and tenant; youth and the law or consumer protection – debt; civil division small claims; and personal injury.

Dial-A-Law is easy to use either by phone or computer.

  • If you are calling from a touch tone phone you can access the recordings 24 hours a day, by listening to the instructions and pressing the appropriate numbers on your phone.
  • The operator is available weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and will assist you if you are uncertain which topic to listen to.
  • Through the Dial-A-Law phone service you can access the Lawyer Referral Service where an operator will give you the names and phone numbers of three lawyers to call concerning your problem.
  • If you have a computer you can access the Calgary Legal Guidance website at www.clg.ab.ca all recordings are listed under the Dial-A-Law section for you to read or print in the language of your choice (translation provided by Google Translate).