About Us


Mission Statement

Lethbridge Legal Guidance Society will provide ongoing and expanded legal services and programs to those individuals who most need legal assistance.


Vision Statement

That all Albertans, regardless of income, have full and equal access to justice.


Community Vision

In pursuit of aiding the community, Lethbridge Legal Guidance:

  • Provides clinical legal services to vulnerable persons who cannot afford legal services (income requirements must be met);
  • Provides public legal information on family law topics;
  • Works to raise awareness of our programs and services to the public and legal community; and
  • Works to bridge the access to justice gap so individuals who are living in poverty are not further discriminated against and marginalized.


Stakeholder Vision

Lethbridge Legal Guidance recognizes that it takes a significant commitment from various stakeholders in our community that allows us to do the work we do to support vulnerable individuals with their legal needs. These include:

  • Clients
  • Volunteers
  • Funders
  • Community members
  • Legal community
  • Related agencies