Legal Information

DISCLAIMER: The following pages contain links to websites from other organizations. The information provided on these sites is general in nature, may be outdated, and may not be applicable to your specific situation. You should consult with a lawyer prior to acting on any of the information on these pages.
*Note: The majority of this information has been provided by the Edmonton Community Legal Centre. As such, some of the resources will be linked to the Edmonton area.

The Law Society of Alberta’s online Lawyer Directory is available to help Albertans find a lawyer. The Lawyer Directory allows people to search for a lawyer using a series of criteria, including location, area(s) of practice, language(s) spoken, gender and whether a lawyer offers limited scope retainers.  


The Lawyer Directory provides contact information for all lawyers in Alberta, and there are approximately 7,500 lawyers in private practice. Using the available filters, you can easily pull a list of lawyers that meet your specific search criteria. Please note that the Law Society does not recommend or endorse individual lawyers. It is still up to the public to research and choose a lawyer based on their individual needs.