Victims’ Representative Counsel

Lethbridge Legal Guidance’s Survivor’s Advocacy Program:

*Provides services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the entirety of the Southern Alberta area, regardless of if  charges have been laid;

*Works to provide a voice for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence;

*The Victim’s Representative Counsel  works from a wholly inclusive perspective. As such, services offered by the Survivor’s Advocacy Program are not gender specific;

*Some services offered include but are not limited to – trial preparation, assistance with EPOs, solid  support both inside and out of the courtroom; liaising with key organizations, agencies and officials involved in your case if requested,  assistance filling out various  forms that may stem from being a victim of crime, assistance with Clare’s Law applications,  assistance with 276 applications, advice and advocacy, information sharing regarding what your rights are as a victim of crime and whatever other resources and  supports are identified as required  throughout your healing journey;

*The Survivors Advocacy Program, whom the Victim’s Representative Counsel operates within, was created with the sole purpose of empowerment & fair, dignified and respectful access to justice for Survivors. This mission is taken very seriously, as participating in a Survivor’s healing journey is a duty held with the highest respect and regard;

*All services are free to anyone who needs them, with no financial eligibility requirements;

Your privacy and confidentiality as a client of the Survivor’s Advocacy Program is paramount and every measure is taken to ensure that your right to privacy and confidentiality is upheld.

The Victim’s Representative understands the effect trauma has on it’s survivors, including isolation and other geographical challenges and will make every effort to accommodate, such as  conducting meetings via telephone.

If you are a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault, regardless of if charges have been laid, reach out to Lethbridge Legal Guidance at: 403-380-6338 to complete an intake with our qualified and compassionate staff.

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